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15 Best Categories for Blog Topics

Have you hit a mental road block?

Don’t have the faintest idea of what to write about?

You’ve set the mood to get those intellectual neurons firing….you’ve changed the TV from Jerry Springer to the “Best of Mozart.” You’ve put the dogs outside, made yourself a nice Colombian brew (or grabbed a brew from the fridge, if that’s your style), and snuggled up on your couch with your favorite blankie and your laptop. You’re ready to write…But first you check Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram….Ahem, NOW you’re ready to write….

You’re staring at the screen…….

Still staring…..

Hello? What are you doing!? Write!

Ah, yes my friend. You need inspiration and you need it fast. You’ve got a deadline to meet and staring at a blank screen will get you nowhere.

Mental road blocks happen to the best of us. The key is figuring out how to overcome them.

We have compiled a quick list of blog types to help you attempt to get those juices flowin’….

15 Best Categories for Blog Topics:

  1. The How-To – We live in a do-it-yourself world, people. Everyone wants to know how to do this and how to do that. Pinterest is all the craze lately because people love to be able to follow instructions and recreate a project, stand back, and admire their masterpiece with a sigh of achievement.
  2. The List – Such as this one. :) Give your reader ideas/suggestions on anything and everything. From activities for children on a rainy day to best excursions in Jamaica, the possibilities with this one are endless.
  3. The Resource – Compile some reputable resources on a particular topic, and instead of writing your own blog/review of that topic, post the links to allow readers to discover what they think for themselves.
  4. The Cheat Sheet – These are more commonly referred to as a Checklist or a To-Do list. The need for planning is human nature. Many people are visual learners/doers, therefore they are much more likely to accomplish their goals when they see it in front of them in black and white.
  5. The Review – Are you an unemployed wine connoisseur (aka wine enthusiast), a world-traveler, or just a knower-of-all-things? Write about it. Compile your favorites, review ’em, and rank ’em.
  6. The Controversy – You know those topics. The ones that other people have BIG opinions about. Light the fuse and run.
  7. The Infographic – These are great for visual learners. It’s like a picture book for adults.
  8. The Podcast Notes – If you’ve just watched a valuable podcast that you feel others could gain insight and knowledge, go ahead and share your notes in the form of a blog.
  9. The Video – Come across a video that you can use to help make your point? Use it! You could even team this one up with #6 and make it a controversial video.
  10. The Interview – Use past or present interviews to showcase a cause or corporation. You don’t have to have been the interviewer, but if you weren’t, make sure you give credit where credit is due.
  11. The Profile – This is an interesting type of post. The purpose is to spotlight an individual. You can make it strictly factual – like a mini biography – or add your opinions/comments into the mix. Either way, make sure to do your research. No one likes mis-information, especially the profiled subject.
  12. The Guest Post – If you’re ever really short on time and ideas, a guest post may just save you. However, be warned that utilizing guest posts does not happen with the snap of your fingers, or even over night. This takes a little planning and communication with the prospective guest blogger, depending on if you want an already-written blog or original information specifically for you. But once you have that dialed in, it may save you from conjuring up ideas for future posts.
  13. The Blog Series – These posts are dependent upon one another. They are essentially the sitcom episode that ends with “…to be continued…” (Don’t you just hate those?) Usually in groups of 3 or more posts, they give a continuance of information from one post to the next.
  14. The Comparison – Ever wonder how cow milk compares to goat milk? We don’t either, but somebody may. And that somebody may be you. Write about what interests you. Hey, if goat milk interests you, there’s bound to be others out there researching whether they should make the switch or not. Point being, do a little research and cross compare 2 (or more) products.
  15. The Comedy Show – Ahh, lastly, a long-time favorite. The humorous post. In this day and age, there’s enough seriousness to dampen even the brightest of spirits. Laughter is the best medicine, right? So give your readers a healthy dose.

Hopefully you’ve found this list helpful. When you’re staring at that blank screen, it may just give you the jumpstart you need to get creative.

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By Lori Isbell

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