Businessman Walking To The New Year 2014

Best Social Media Marketing Tips

Need a little help finding the best social media marketing tips?

Don’t know if any of the “rules” have changed?

We hope you’ve been following our blogs on all things social media. If so, you’ve heard our advice on topics such as inbound marketing, how to get Facebook likes, and landing pages, among others. If you’re new here, welcome! And don’t worry, you can catch up.

Today, we’re bringing you a little recap of “do’s” in the social media world. They’ll help make your life just a little less stressful (Don’t toss your Xanax – I said a LITTLE less stressful). This is a concise list of what’s uber-important for succeeding in social media this year, according to a contributing writer at Check it out: 20 Social Media Tips to Rule in 2014.

We’ve touched on many of these in our recent posts, but we feel they’re important enough to reiterate.

Pay particular attention to #9 (wink, wink).


By Lori Isbell

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