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5 Tips for WordPress SEO

Looking for the best tips to optimize your blog posts? Need your blog to get noticed? We’ll let you in on a few important secrets to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game. Well, they’re more like “tips” rather than “secrets”….I mean, a few thousand people may already be privy to this information. But we want…
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Light Bulbs

15 Best Categories for Blog Topics

Have you hit a mental road block? Don’t have the faintest idea of what to write about? You’ve set the mood to get those intellectual neurons firing….you’ve changed the TV from Jerry Springer to the “Best of Mozart.” You’ve put the dogs outside, made yourself a nice Colombian brew (or grabbed a brew from the…
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Best Blog Directories

Looking for new ways to promote your blog? Trying to break into the blogosphere with exciting new content? Want to gain online authority? A blog directory may be just the ticket. So you’ve established your blog – or maybe you’re trying to –  and you’re not sure how to get your name out there. Besides…
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Spelling Concept

What is the writing process?

Writing. It’s an age-old process. We learned it in school. We’ve written tons of useless papers in an attempt to perfect it. Some of us are good at it. And some…well, not so good. But that’s ok! Writing usually requires practice. And as with most things, practice makes perfect, right? So, what is the writing…
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