Jell-O Facebook ad fail or victory

Facebook Ad Fail or Victory? A Look At Jell-O

Trying to make a name for yourself or your business is tough and it’s even harder when you see big brands making the dumbest mistakes…which then only makes you even more pissed off that your company isn’t thriving, while these idiots are getting rich! It’s a vicious cycle!

This leads me to my facebook ad Case Study of the Month – Jell-O.

Jell-O decided to run this little Facebook ad the Monday AFTER the Miami Hurricanes beat the Florida Gators at Sun Life Stadium:


“A Winning mold for the winning team…” BAH!!!!! Oops, I’m sure that scheduled post was just a mere oversight…or was it?  Josh Baumgard from Page Q Sports hints that this may be a ploy…and I have to agree.  At first thought, I was irate since I, myself, am a Cane fan – by birth only – I attended UCF for my college years – Go Knights!  I was one of “those” people that commented on Jell-O’s post with what I’m sure didn’t sound all that polite, or even grammatically correct, given the lightning speed I was cranking out my comments.  But as the days passed, I saw MORE and MORE Gator touting facebook ads from Jell-O, like this one:

2nd Gator post:


And it began to hit me that it couldn’t have been by mistake that Jello-O selected ME, a Cane fan by adamant declaration on my Facebook page, along with a TON of other Miami fans, to target with this Facebook ad.  After all, with the new Power Editor you can pretty much select people based upon what they ate for dinner last night and where they go on the 3rd Thursday of every month.  I’m only joking about that, of course – you have to wait at least a week to capture food preferences! (Joking, again)

I do believe in “coincidence”, but Mama ain’t no fool.  They were able to do exactly what they set out to do–stir interaction with fans & potential fans with something that people will fight to the death on – football!  Granted, it wasn’t the kind of interaction I would have wanted for my brand, but it got people talking.  I know I immediately commented on the post, sent a message to them, then told my sisters, my mom, my great Aunt Louis, and many Gator fans – those that still speak to me anyways – about what I had witnessed.  All the while, of course, not realizing they had purposely selected me for this post the day after the game.

They may have put out the bait, but I set the hook on this one for sure!  Hot damn, is Jell-O a genius or a bunch of idiots?  Let’s take a deeper look at their page and typical post results…

Pumpkin Spice Jell-O (943 likes, 304 shares) – A relevant facebook ad for the season:


A Comical Post (786 likes, 35 shares):


Another product post (417 Likes, 35 shares):


Now, go back to the sports theme mixed with the strategy of targeting opposing fans (12,355 likes and 2,704 shares).  Be sure to check out the comment to the right – “Looks like frozen pee.” LOL


If you remember from the Gator post, they had around 2,500 and 3,700 shares respectfully!!!!  These posts are boasting ridiculous interactions for them.  The non-sports Facebook ads are averaging 124 comments per post, whereas these controversial ads are averaging 2,971 shares.  Now, I’m no mathematician, but that’s over a 2,000% increase!

So, the point is this….I’m not sure I’d take this route, but this little tactic, so nicely executed by Jell-O, might be something to consider when trying to create social buzz.  Maybe you don’t always run your facebook ads to the most likely audience.  It all depends on your objectives.

As for me, I’ve put Jell-O on a one-year ban in my house…that’s right, I’m doing my part!

Have you seen anything like this with other brands and what do you think?  Do tell in the comments below…

By Nikki Blews

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