How to Get More Facebook Likes

How to Get Facebook Page Likes

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from clients is how to get more Facebook likes on their business page.  And while I’m going to give you 6 ways to do just that, please proceed with caution and don’t get too hung up on the number.  Instead, focus on getting more fans that are genuinely interested in what you offer, or atleast have the potential to be interested, and will value your knowledge.  Having 1,000 engaged fans who comment on, like and share your posts is far more valuable than 1,000,000 fans who never interact with you.  Wouldn’t you say?  With a properly populated fan base, you increase your chances that those fans will turn into leads and those leads into paying customers.

Having said that, growing your social following should always be top of mind for any business.  Just do it right!

1) Create Sharable Posts

The posts that you create need to inspire people to share it with their friends.  With each share, your reach/exposure grows exponentially because it has the potential to show up in the News Feed of a high percentage of the sharer’s friends.  And with each new set of eyes on your posts, you increase the probability of more people heading over to your page and hitting the Like button.  So, what constitutes shareable content?  Eye-catching pictures, informative videos, links to helpful articles, infographics filled with cool stats, How-To Slideshare presentations…..these are all examples of things people will want to share.  Make it relevant, timely and most importantly helpful or entertaining to the viewer.  Don’t expect people to share boring details about the new hair blower your salon just got in or the new plush carpet your flooring company offers.  It ain’t gonna happen.

2) Stay Engaged

As the social media manager of your business page, you must be engaged with your audience.  The benefit to this is two-fold.  Not only does this help with your reputation by showing your existing followers that you genuinely care to interact with them (hence creating positive word of mouth), but you also prompt further engagement on their part.  They might respond back or continue to engage with future posts.  And guess what that means?  That’s right….every time they interact with you by liking a post, commenting on it or (even better) sharing it, it will show up in a portion of their friends’ News Feeds.  It won’t happen over night, but positive interactions (and sometimes properly handled negative ones) go a long way and will help grow your fan base.

3) Link Your Personal Page to Your Business Page

If you have a personal Facebook account, include a link back to your company page under your employment section.  By doing this, you will increase the number of individuals that might see the page. Encourage all of your employees to follow suit.  The more places people have the opportunity to bump into your page, the better.

4) Comment on Posts as Your Business Page

Most people comment on posts from their personal account…as themselves.  But, when you comment as your business page, you’re putting your name in front of people who otherwise never knew you existed.  For instance, if I’m a custom cake decorator who’s customer base widely consists of new brides, I might seek out Facebook pages related to weddings and jump in some of the conversations.  This should be done tastefully, of course, but if you attach enough value to your comment(s), people will click on your page to see who the heck you are and (hopefully) be intrigued enough to become a fan.  Oh, and forget the shameless plugs and self-promotion with this tactic.  People are smarter than you think and will go running for the hills if you pull that.

5) Run a Contest

People love something for nothing (or shall I say what they perceive to be nothing).  Give ’em a shot to win anything from an iPad to a free appetizer in exchange for a page “like” and you will get a lot of takers.  Make the free gift something good and you’ll have fans sharing your contest.  Can you say….EXPOSURE?  Boom!  And to make it easy, you can now run a contest on Facebook via a 3rd party app (like WooboxShortstack or Tabsite) or right on your page in the form of a post.  Check out #2 on this list of post ideas for some contest suggestions and be sure to abide by Facebook’s contest rules.  Scroll all the way to the bottom.

But, remember, you are looking for quality likes…..not just any ‘ole likes.  So, make your contest prize something relevant to your business….something that will attract likes from people who might ultimately be in need of your products or services.

6) Run an Ad

If its in the budget, consider using Facebook advertising. You should never “buy likes” for your Facebook page because they are typically shady, fake accounts that can end up hurting your page in the long run.  But paying for targeted ads in Facebook’s Ads Manager can result in huge fan base growth.  The Go-To Guy to learn about Facebook ads is Jon Loomer.  He has a lot of great resources available on his website as well as YouTube page.  But, if you wanna jump right in, get started here.

Take Action

I’ve given you 6 proven methods to get more Facebook likes…now go out there and try some of them!  Use your Facebook insights to help you track your results. You can find it at the very top of your Facebook page in the Admin Panel.  You will find out what’s working, what’s not and where you need to improve.  If you see that your audience engages with videos more than pictures and often shares them…….well, post more videos!  If you find that your audience likes and comments on posts related to one topic more than another….post more about that topic!  And don’t forget the obvious ways to expose your page and get more followers like placing a link to your Facebook page in your email signature or adding a “Like” box to your website.  Those can only help you.

Just remember, your fan count may seem like sign of social proof, authority and dominance in your industry.  And to some degree, it is.  But, in reality, numbers are just numbers if there’s no substance behind them.  Use these tactics to attract fans that have the potential to be leads and leads that have the potential to be customers.  If you’re just looking for generic “fans”, you’re missing the point. Build your fan base the right way and start seeing some real ROI from your Facebook page!

Have you already tried any of these methods?  I’d love to hear how they worked for you…tell me about it in the comments below.

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