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How do I promote my blog? [Infographic]

Want to drive traffic to your blog?

Want to ensure that people will share it?

You’ve written your blog post. You’ve posted it on your WordPress/website. With a sigh of relief, you kick your feet up on the coffee table with arms crossed behind your head, eyes closed.

You drift off into an Alice in Wonderland type of dreamlike state. You see “like” and “share” bouncing off clouds. “Retweet” materializes in the sky from the fireworks off in the distance. Everyone you encounter says, “Hey! Great blog post!” and “Thanks for blogging about your extensive knowledge”…or “YOU are the smartest person alive!”…….Ahhhhhh, this IS the life, you concede. But then the faint sound of dog barking in the forest entrances you. You begin to follow the unmistakably familiar tune to a hole in the sky. (What? A hole in the sky? Whatever, this is awesome). So you climb a ladder that has magically appeared in front of you. And as you emerge from the rabbit hole that you so gracefully squeezed through, you realize: the dog that’s barking is yours. He’s outside, tearing up every panel of your screen enclosure because he’s chasing a squirrel – he’s never going to catch that squirrel. Why won’t he learn?

So, to dissuade the propensity to strangle Rover, you decide to check your blog post. You can’t wait to see the comments, shares, likes, and retweets. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t LOVE your post?! No one, that’s who.

But when you check your post – nada. Not one comment. Not one share. Nothing. “Oh, wait, I need to refresh the page. Duh”……….[crickets]……..nothing. You check the clock. You’ve been asleep for 3 hours?! Whaaaaaaaat? Secretly loving that you got in an amazing nap, you wonder why the heck no one has seen your blog. And if they have, why on Earth didn’t they like it?

Truth is, it’s not because your content is weak. Well, maybe it is, but to give you the benefit of the doubt, it’s not. It’s because you have done nothing to promote that blog! You may have just written the epitome of all blogs, but it’s just sitting in the blogosphere with all the other blogs, waiting to be viewed. You need to make others see it. So you think,

“How do I promote my blog?”

Well, funny you should ask. I happened to have found a sweet, super simple little infographic that is sure to help you get the views that you’ve dreamt about. The folks over at made a dummy-proof guide to the steps you should take AFTER your blog post is written. And by dummy, I mean me. Hey, everyone needs a little help now and then. 😉

Enjoy, and you’re welcome.

Content Marketing Routine After Publishing A Post (infographic)
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By Lori Isbell

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