Promoted Post or Boosted Post

Promoted Post or Boosted Post – Which is better?

Let’s be honest – between promoted posts, boosted posts, dark posts, page likes and more it’s hard to determine what’s considered “the best”.  Through much research, here’s what I’ve determined the answer to be: “depends on your needs”.

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Just kidding….kinda.  The answer “depends on your needs” is a legit answer but it’s far from adequate.  According to Facebook, “Boosted posts appear higher in News Feed, so there’s a better chance your audience will see them” and “Promoting your Page is a way to create ads that will show in News Feed and on the right side of Facebook.”  What you may have gathered by this point is that sadly, your page posts reach far less people than you’d hoped and no where near what Facebook tells you they reach.  Sorry, I know…the truth hurts! Let’s break down these posts into more detail.

Promoted Post

A promoted post is a post you create as an ad, likely in PowerEditor, that can be distributed in many forms, ie. in the news feed, right hand ad, mobile only, etc.  The power of a promoted post is that you have far more options when it comes to targeting your audience and how you spend your money.  Check out the options below (you can compare them to the boosted post options later):

Promoted Post Options

Promoted Post Options

Boosted Post

A boosted post is an existing post you’ve already put out there in your timeline that you want to see get more exposure. The “boost post” button is on the bottom right of your post:

Boosted post

Boosted Post Screen Shot

Then when you click on it, here’s what it looks like:

Boosted Post Options

Boosted post options

The boosted post only gives you two options for reach – 1. people who like your page and their friends and 2. People you choose through targeting.  The latter then lets you specify country, age, gender, & interests (up to 4).

So, what I feel it boils down to is what you are trying to achieve.  If you want a quick way (and I emphasize “quick” because that is a big draw to doing the boosted post) to get more attention from your existing fans and their audience base – do the boosted post.  But also understand that just because people are friends with your fans, doesn’t mean they have the same interests – so it’s a gamble going that route.  Andrea Vahl suggests going with a promoted post even if your goal is to reach your current fan base – check it out. She also gives a more in depth look at the two posts with great insight.  Alternatively, if you want to expand your reach and attract NEW fans, leads, etc, I’d go with the promoted post because you have a much larger pool of applicants to work with AND those applicants can be more clearly defined and targeted.

There ya have it – a quick run down of a promoted post vs a boosted post.

Which have you had more success with?  Please share!

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