Small Business Social Media Management

Small Business Social Media Management Do you have a Social Media Marketing Plan for your small business? Your competitors do. Are you on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn, postin’, tweetin’ and sharin’? Your customers are. Do you blog regularly to offer value and influence over the people who are specifically looking for your product or service? Well, what are you waiting for!?

Common reasons why businesses aren’t on social media:

  • No time?
  • No expertise, tools or resources?
  • No writing skills?
  • Not enough money in your budget to hire a Social Media Manager to handle all this for you?
  • Can’t keep up with the overwhelming number of social networks out there?
  • Only have experience with traditional outbound marketing avenues like trade shows, radio ads and print literature?

Any of these sound like you? They are all damn good reasons…very common reasons given by small business owners when asked why they don’t have a Facebook page or a Twitter account or why they have the pages set up but haven’t posted anything in 6 months.

Chances are that you focus your time on running your business and not what to post and tweet. You are not alone.


The Bad News?

None of these reasons change the fact that you have to get social. If you are not utilizing social media every single day, you are missing out on some serious leads and potential business.

The Good News?

Social Media Marketing is our core business and we can help you get in the game.  Forget the pics of cute cats with funny captions or what your secretary had for lunch.  Strategically utilizing social media with a purpose will drive traffic back to your website, increase qualified leads and ultimately your profits.  THAT is what social media is about for businesses.

Whether you are starting from scratch without so much as a Facebook page or are several years into the social media world but not seeing results, we can help.  We work with clients with all different needs, goals and budgets.


Social Media Marketing Services We Offer:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • Creation and Optimization of Social Profiles
  • Maintain/Manage Social Profiles
  • Social Media Marketing Consultation and Training
  • Cover and Profile Image Design
  • Existing Social Profile Evaluation and Critique
  • Content Curation/Creation
  • Scheduling of Posts
  • Facebook Apps
  • Twitter and Facebook List Building
  • “Social Listening” of Specified Keywords
  • Growing Your Fanbase
  • Paid Ad Campaigns
  • Competitive Market Research


Just click the GET STARTED! button below so we can discuss where you’re at and where you want to go. We can give you the low down on what you need to do to reach your goals regardless of whether we are a good fit for you.  But, if you’re not ready for a consultation quite yet, download our FREE Social Prospecting eBook to get a little taste of just how powerful social media can be when lead generation is a primary marketing goal!

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