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Social Media in Business: Avoiding Social Blunder

Ever wonder why some companies soar in social media and others fizzle out?

The companies that are truly successful with social media have their finger on the pulse of their audience. They know what to post, what topics will spark online interaction, and what their target audience needs. But more importantly, they know what NOT to do. Those successful companies know how to avoid social blunder. We’ll give you some insight into their social media savvy to help you grow your business through social media.

The Business Insider posted an article recently on social media mistakes. They polled some business execs via Twitter to identify the mistakes that people may not realize they’re making. We’ve picked a few of our faves and given you our take on them…

 5 Tips to Avoid Social Blunder

 1) Too much time spent on self-promotion –

People don’t want to hear about YOU or how great your company is. They want information. They want to hear what’s going on in your industry, but they really don’t care for narcissism. That’s not to say you can’t self-promote every now and then. No one can blame you for wanting to boast about being named “#1 nail salon in Florida” (That’s quite a feat!). But leave the bragging to a minimum.

 2) Blurring the lines between professional and personal –

Oh no. This could be considered social suicide. Remember that when people are reading posts from pages they’re following, they expect those posts to be related to that niche. It is never a good idea to intermingle business posts amongst posts about drinking your face off at the bachelor party on Saturday. Your goal with using social media is to attract possible clients/customers to your business, and for them to consider you an authority in your field. Blurring the lines between professional and personal posts does just the opposite. And frankly, posting drunken pics is just unbecoming.

 3) Airing bad feelings –

Ah, yes. The dirty laundry. Most humans find some inherent and irresistable urge to read about gossip (just look at the success of mags updating the world on the ruined lives of celebs)…..But this is not a good idea when you are trying to maintain a professional and authoritative status amongst your viewers. Along the same blurred lines of professional vs personal posts, don’t succumb to the urge to tongue-lash someone who has wronged you or your company. ALWAYS maintain a business-minded approach to any and all posts to avoid losing credibility with your audience.

 4) Expecting social media to do all the work –

Engagement is key with a social media strategy. The post itself is not the most important part of your marketing strategy, the subsequent interaction is! To think that you can set yourself/your company up on all the social channels and then never lift a finger again, is not only wishful, it’s delusional. Constant engagement is paramount to your success on social media channels.

 5) Not responding to customers –

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous category. You MUST treat your customers as a priority. Whether they are reaching out to you with a concern, complaint, or heck, even praise, you must never let their voice go unheard. That’s a quick way to lose engagement by that customer. And if you think that other followers won’t notice the interaction, rather, lack of interaction, then you need a lesson in Human Nature 101. Others will notice and they’ll get the impression that your business does not value the feedback of its customers. #socialblunder

There are many ways to market your business on social media channels, and just as many to avoid social blunder. The above listed tips are just a handful of the ones we think really hit home. To gain more insight, read the full article on the Business Insider website. Go a step further and find out what you SHOULD be doing to keep your fans engaged with How to Get Facebook Page Likes!

Questions, comments, concerns? Let us know! Your voice will be heard. :)

By Lori Isbell

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