Website Content Writing Services

Website Content Writing Services

Most visitors decide within 10-30 seconds whether to stay on your website or not…so you better make it good!   Not only does it need to look pretty, but it also needs to have a clear message, be grammatically correct, offer helpful information, be unique and stay relevant (just to name a few).

Easy, right? <insert sarcasm>

With so many things to consider, you may need to enlist the help of a professional website content writer like Scuttlebutt.  We add value to your website by writing content that makes visitors hang around and, more importantly, warrants search engines pushing you to the top of search results.

3 Key Benefits of Our Website Content Writing Services:

Get Found
First things first. You can’t entertain your audience with your oh-so-exciting text until you actually get them to your site. Keyword research plays a big role here. Now, we’d be lying if we said that great content with carefully chosen keywords is the only thing that gets you ranked in search engine results…because it’s not. But, it is a vitally important piece to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) puzzle. Using keyword rich content on your website gives search engines something to work with.  It really helps them match up your website with people looking for it….aka potential customers. In other words, it gives Google and Yahoo a much better idea of who you are and what you have to offer Googlers and Yahoo’ers (if that’s even a word).

We do extensive keyword research for every copywriting job we take on.  You’ll be in good hands on this one.

Keep Visitors On Your Site
Once you get the search engines to throw you a bone and someone clicks on your site, your next job with website copy is to keep them there. A website written by a web content writer keeps your customers engaged and interested. Sure, you need to tell your readers and potential customers what services and products you offer, but remember, you’re still just a person talking to another person. Why not make it enjoyable? Don’t be that guy at the party that no one wants to talk to!

We won’t let this happen.  We always look at things from the perspective of your customer, not you.

Get Your Visitors to Act
And finally, a great call to action (CTA) lets your visitors know exactly what you want from them. Afterall, website visitors are great, but unless they convert to a lead, they are just visitors.  Do you want them to keep reading? Do you want them to subscribe to your email list? Do you want them to contact you for a free estimate? Maybe you’re looking for more facebook fans. Regardless of what you are seeking, tell your visitor and be clear about it!

We research the best CTA’s and use careful consideration when choosing one on every single page of content.  Your readers will know exactly what action steps you want them to take next.

So, what’s our CTA on this page?  Here goes……

How much business do you think you are missing out on by not having killer website content?  Hmmmm…..

Start attracting more qualified visitors to your website with well-written, strategic website copy! Contact us today by clicking that Yes Please! button at the bottom of this page. But if you want to give it a try on your own, here’s our Do-It-Yourself secret sauce!

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