what is a landing page

What is a Landing Page?

You hear the term all the time, but what is a landing page anyway!?

A landing page is a designated page on your website that is designed to capture leads. It must contain a form for contact information submission and should offer something for free in return.  It’s sole purpose is to convert website visitors into leads, so its unlike your other static webpages on your site that simply give information.

A good example of a landing page is this one giving away a free eBook about Online Lead Generation tips.

Elements of a Perfect Landing Page

A Giveaway

The most important aspect of a landing page (by far) is that you offer something for nothing.  Offer a free eBook, whitepaper, checklist, template of some sort, free trial or a free consultation in exchange for minimally a name and an email address.  Without your giveaway, you aren’t giving visitors any incentive to hand over their info.

A Form

So, you got the lead to your landing page, but that doesn’t mean squat if they can’t give you their contact information!  You should have a form with fields for minimally the visitor’s name and email address.

Add more fields requesting more info as the value of your giveaway increases.  For instance, a free eBook would warrant a name and email request and maybe one more piece of info.  But, a free consultation or trial with a $50 value would allow you to ask for name, email, website, phone number, etc.  People give more when they get more.

Cory Eridon over at Hubspot goes a little more into detail with the explanation of a form and how important it is.

No Navigation

You know all the navigation links you have at the top of your webpages to get around your site?  Get rid of ’em.

What is a landing page?

You want people focused on one thing and one thing only when they hit your landing page…….downloading or getting your offer.  If you give them the option to click around your site, there’s no telling where they’ll end up.  People get distracted because they have 100 things going on in the room behind them. Don’t make it easy for them to jump ship before becoming a lead.

Clear Title

This kind of goes without saying, but don’t try to trick people or be intentionally vague.  If you’re giving away an eBook, the title should say “FREE eBook on …” or even “Grab this Free eBook on …”.  Don’t be afraid to tell them what you want them to do right in the title. Grab it! Download it! Get it!

Short and Sweet Description

Less is more here.  Use bullet points and short sentences to give a brief description of your offer and list the ways they will benefit from it.

Try to leave as much white space as possible because it throws off that “clean and simple” look.  It screams, “This will only take a sec!” The idea is not to scare people off with 4 paragraphs of boring text, but instead to give them the option to skim if they need to.

Your time is valuable and so is their’s.  So, earn respect by not wasting it.

To take it one step further, a short, direct description just may spark a few questions that make them download the offer in an effort to find out!

A Call-to-Action

Your title and description let your visitor know exactly what you are offering. Now what?

Include a Call-to-Action (CTA)!  That’s what!

A CTA tells visitors what you want them to do next. “Try it free for 30 days!” “Download your copy today!” “Get your free checklist now and get organized!” You get the point.  Don’t leave it up to the visitor.  The best way to get anyone to do anything is simply by asking.

Thank You Page

Lastly, every landing page form should link to a thank you page where you deliver the offer. This thank you page should have clear instructions on how to get the offer as well as a secondary offer that will continue to move your new lead through your sales funnel.

If you’re not very tech-savvy and are concerned that these landing pages will cost you an arm and a leg with a web developer, don’t worry. There are many Do-It-Yourself (DIY) sites out there that do all the coding behind the scenes and allow you to visually build the pages with templates. But, our favorite so far is Lead Pages if you’re looking for an affordable option. They have tons of templates to choose from as well as video tutorials for just about everything.

We personally use Hubspot to build our pages and LOVE it.  Hubspot’s landing page builder is just one element of a larger marketing suite, so it costs more, but is well worth it.

Over to you!  If you have any other suggestions for killer landing pages, tell me in the comments below or tweet at us @scuttlebuttsm!

By Kelly Gretzinger

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